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A bit about us

Outlet is a group of young adults from many different backgrounds whose common ground is the desire to know Christ better and to see our world changed through faith taking action in our lives. We each bring our own experiences and God-given gifts, which in turn create the atmosphere for corporate worship and learning that we have the benefit of enjoying; constantly renewing and ever changing.

We desire to aid people in connecting to Jesus while taking into consideration that we are all unique in His creation. As individuals we observe, think, and process life from many similar, yet varying perspectives. As much as we are all called to the same standards of faith and living in Jesus, one relationship with God many look very different from another. We relate to Him varyingly in a more personal way, based on the person, giftings and desires that He has created in us.

While we focus on the essential aspects of God his teachings revealed to us in scripture, we remain open to how we approach teaching, worship and personal development.

Whether you are just starting to explore your spirituality or have been a Christian as long as you can remember we realize that we are all still trying to understand who God is, where we fit into His story and what that means to us in our daily lives.

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Young Adults Service

Meeting together on Sundays is a blessing and our chance to both individually and corporately respond to God. We have the opportunity to worship God as a result of what we are thinking, praying, studying and talking about, as well as experiencing throughout the week.

The evenings are relaxed with hangouts before and after the service where we want everyone to feel as if they have come home. Come in to great music and worship, a relevant message, with plenty of time to relax, chat and build relationships.

Small Groups

Small groups
We are called by the apostle Paul to spiritual maturity in faith [Eph. 4:14,15] and believe that our faith is the outward demonstration of our love for God. Simply put, if we love someone we try to get to know them as much as we can.

Small groups are our opportunity to get together during the week in a relaxed setting to study in more detail who God is and how he relates to us in the various aspects of our lives and to just hangout. This is our chance to ask questions that we’ve had for a long time or as they arise, while studying more intently than is normally possible on a Sunday evening.

Small groups also help to develop deeper relationships while living in the reality of an ever growing church that can make us feel disconnected.

Contact Us

If you have any questions send us a message at

If you are interested in attending the service please join us at 7PM Sunday evenings upstairs of the North entrance.