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Christmas is in the air and we're looking forward to doing a church devotional together to help keep us centred on Jesus. This years devotional weaves its way through 25 Christmas Carols including the thoughts and sciptures that inspired them. The devotional begins on Dec 1 and is managed through the YOUVERSION Bible app. You can participate via phone, tablet, computer or whatever way you access YOUVERSION.

Steps to join in

  • Make sure you're logged into YOUVERSION
  • In your browser, head to
  • Scroll down & select the ACCEPT INVITATION button

Shabam! You're in! If you have any problems making it work, come see us at the WELCOME HOME area at the church on Sunday or drop me an email I'm so looking to spending 25 days with you, reading your comments daily, interacting and encouraging. Genuinely I look forward to this time of year that we do a Christmas devotion together. Lord Bless and register today!

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