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Freedom Session is a powerful journey, inviting you to rewrite your story with a God-inspired ending. Freedom Session deals with relational breakdown, despair, sexual abuse trauma, unhealthy habits, food/sexual addiction, fear, perfectionism, guilt, shame, loss and more. Through biblical teaching, small group discussion and personal reflection, Jesus will heal your heart and empower you to live a life of freedom and purpose. Freedom Session can be one of your most life transforming experiences.

ARE YOU READY to be heard, feel loved and find healing?

Freedom sessions will be offered both live (following BC Health Covid-19 Guidelines) and online via ZOOM. It will be Tuesday Nights beginning Feb 2 and will span 20 weeks finishing June 15. Each session is approximately 2hrs. There is a registration & course booklets fee of $50 and you can plan on 60-90 minutes of personal homework each week. Wowie! It takes effort, time and thoughtful reflection to unravel life’s tapestry, but it’s worth it! Have courage!

There is a questionnaire during registry that helps guide the journey. Your submissions are kept private and confidential. They help for you to identify areas you’d like to tackle and helps the administration coordinate the small groups. Small groups are separated by male/female with matching gender group facilitators.

This is going to be an amazing step into you finding freedom! 

Register at the link below!