Our Next Steps Class is designed to help you discover your purpose and become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ. From growing as a believer in Jesus, exploring the mission of Calvary Church, connecting with people, and finding a fulfilling place to use your talents through volunteer service on TeamCalvary, we will provide you with a clear path to experience growth and fulfillment.

This class is for those interested in learning more about Jesus, Calvary, Connecting at the church and ways you can use your gifts to serve. There are 4 steps (classes) that are 1 hr long each at 9am. Each class is offered 1 time per month when scheduled.

The classes are taught by teachers within the congregation who have a heart to see you reach higher in your faith.

Next Step Classes run multiple times a year. It is not necessary to do the classes in order. Out of sequence is fine, just strive to complete them all. Once you’re registered in, just arrive at the next class set. 9am at the church in the lower floor in Fireside Room 124.

Contact us today for registration information, your Next Steps await you!