Calvary Groups meet in-person and online throughout the week. Feel free to explore the many small groups that are listed through Calvary Connect - our online church network. You can apply for an account on Calvary Connect which will be reviewed/approved in the business week. Once approved, navigate the menus to GROUPS -> FIND GROUPS -> SMALL GROUPS which will list what groups are currently available. From there you can message a group leader for more information. If this presents any problems for you, drop us an email and we can start the dialogue that way.

A place to belong, a place to grow. Calvary Groups focus on two facts. We need relationships. We have limited, structured time to devote to relationships. As a result we have a variety of small group types that will allow you to make friends and connect with other Christians as we do life together. There are task driven groups, fellowship groups, bible studies, support groups, and ministry groups. Both online and in-person, each type is valuable and has the ability to connect people as they grow together. It is these opportunities that the groups provide that lead to relationships. Relationships lead to care and the life that comes from community. 

If you need additional information or help finding a group, please fill out the form below and we would be happy to help.

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