Our School

Welcome to Fraser Glen Preschool, where we offer a dynamic and engaging program for children. Our Play Based Program emphasizes structured learning through songs, poetry, and stories, fostering socialization skills development. Children can unleash their creativity through themed art, open art table activities, and easel painting. We also provide a Fun Family Phonics Program designed to enhance printing skills for 4-year-olds.

At our center, we believe in the power of music, offering a Music Program that adds a rhythmic dimension to our curriculum. We bring Bible stories to life through songs and object lessons in Storytime with the Calvary Kids Director. Children get to connect with nature during our Nature Walks and enjoy active playtime in our gym. Our Science Xtravaganza sparks curiosity and exploration, and Bake Day allows kids to get hands-on in the kitchen.

We value family involvement with Parent Activities, including a Christmas Concert, Mother's Day Tea, Graduation Celebration, and Year-end Picnic. Plus, we know how to throw a good party! And every day, children get to enjoy the great outdoors through Daily Outdoor Play. Join us in creating memorable and enriching experiences for your child.


Our Classes

3-4 Year Olds

Mon. Wed. Fri | 8:50am-12:50pm
Tuesday + Thursday | 8:50am-1:20pm
Monday - Friday | Same times as above

Mon. Wed. Fri.
$233 (Per Month)
Tuesday + Thursday
$212 (Per Month)
Monday - Friday
$444 (Per Month)