Calvary Text-To-Give is easy and convenient for anyone with a smart phone.

First time with Text Giving:

1. Text the word calvaryca and the Amount in CA dollars to mobile number 73256
(ex: calvaryca 500).
2. Tap link to complete one-time registration.
3. Confirm amount and giving type > tap Next.
4. Confirm payment method > tap Give.
5. You will receive a confirmation text and email for your donation.

Subsequent use of Text Giving:

1. Text Amount to 73256 (ex: 500)
2. You will receive a confirmation text and email for donation.

How do I give to a specific fund?

You can text calvaryca + Amount + Fund Name or calvaryca + Amount + Fund Initial to 73256. (ex: calvaryca + 500 + Vision Offering or calvaryca + 500 + V) Note: After your first donation, you only need to text Amount + Fund Name to give to a fund.

Note: When any given need has been met, or where project plans change and cannot be reasonably carried out, the donor agrees that designated gifts may be used where needed most.